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1200 W Hubbard, Chicago, Illinois


Free Valet

A third generation Italian restaurant, established in 1981, serving classic family recipes like Braciole, Stuffed Artichoke, Tortellini Romano and more.

 A hidden gem of Chicago, but once you know... you know.


We are proud to serve family recipes that have been handed down for over five generations. Our expansive wine list aims to complement these classic dishes, while also pushing the boundaries of what a small neighborhood restaurant can offer. The same philosophy is applied while curating our spirits list and we always strive to support producers who bring the same passion to their work as we do to our restaurant. In addition to our dinner menu, we have some wonderful dessert offerings. We recommend trying our homemade tiramisu or cheesecake, both of which are customer favorites and made fresh, in-house, four times per week.



Bring a bottle or two (no corkage fee). Make sure it's something that you love, because we love sharing. Share with us and the people around you, and we'll share too! Don't forget, it's first come, first serve and bar only, so come early!

Oh yeah, one more thing...

No Two-Buck Chuck Allowed



Just because a spot has a bar with regulars doesn’t make it “just like Cheers,” and saying so is usually wishful thinking and obnoxious. But Mart Antony’s might actually qualify. It’s an out-of-the-way spot on the border of West Town and the West Loop and looks like a typical neighborhood corner tavern. But, it’s also a fantastic Italian restaurant. The owner, servers, and bartenders are all warm and welcoming and will chat with you even if it’s your first time there. On any given night, it’s full of friends getting together after work and couples on casual dates, and you’ll realize that this restaurant is their “place.” Get the clams for an appetizer, and the braciole or lasagna.


Red sauce Italian restaurants like Mart Anthony’s were once much more prevalent around Chicago. They feature similar cuisine and vibe — laid-back, dim-lit dining rooms with large portions of pasta. Mart Anthony’s isn’t a cocktail lounge like Club Lucky or Club Lago or a tourist attraction like Italian Village. It’s a solid and unpretentious family-run spot with a good bar for hanging out with friends.


You know a place is legit when you walk inside and everyone seems to know each other—and you know it’s even better when you hear folks at the host stand asking for their “usual table.” Mart Anthony’s dishes are infused with warmth courtesy of family recipes delivered straight from Sicily. Start with an order of Baked Clams then move onto the Tortellino Romano, a cheesy pasta dish swimming in a light creamy red sauce with mushrooms and prosciutto. After a few glasses of red wine and a belly full of pasta, you might even recognize a familiar face or two.


We would love to help host your next event! From Baby Showers & Baptisms to Rehearsal Dinners & Weddings, we are here to make your special day amazing.


Hosting at home or in the office? Let us help! We can cater any size party and have your order ready for pickup or delivery.

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